thats kinda gay bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm not a dog? yes

i'm not a dog? maybe,

i'm not a dog? no

i'm not a dog? dogs are not me

i'm not a dog? sey

i'm not a dog? Yes Yes Yes

i'm not a dog? NO NoOO im not dog im not dog I AM HUMAN

//finger guns// COOL

Britney Spears- Slumber Party ft. Tinashe music video

does he jump?

i'd give yuri plisetsky a hug

I love red but i'm no #COMMUNIST

does anyone jump? does anyone jump?

volley volley volley BALL!


i hope a bee-boy-bee? named barry- NO I HOPE a boy (not bee, i am not the bee movie woman) named keith hugs me!!!!!! then i will no longer be a Sad Man. hecc,. my personality is worse than a 13 y/o xbox live kiddo. follow me on tumblr i'm @AA-TOORU

jesse eisenberg?? jesse eisenberg is an egger egger egger

everyone panics at the disco when DR PHIL ARRIVES

google search: dr phil fanfiction

over ten years ago my mom sued facebook and she just now got a check for 15 bucks thanks MARK MARK MARK suckerborg

don't bully anyone or else....... this skinny boy...... will panch u

I am (censored)!! -this message has been brought to you by: Rocks-